3G Powersports Engine Rebuilding and Performance

UTV machining engines 3G Powersports ATV UTV Motorcycle

We are dedicated to building strong reliable engines. We take the time with each motor to build better than OEM quality. We start with a complete teardown and clean before we do a full analysis of any damages or repair needed. It’s not just a visual inspection we have the correct tools to measure all moving parts from valve guides to crankshaft bearings. To ensure we service all the necessary parts and machining needed for a quality rebuilt engine

Some of the engine services we offer

  • Complete Engine Rebuilds

  • Crankshaft Service

  • Connecting Rods

  • Top End Service

  • Cylinder Plating

  • Cylinder Head Rebuilding

  • 5 Angle Valve Job

  • Cylinder Head Valve Guides

  • Cylinder Head Seat Replacement

  •  Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning

Why use us to Rebuild your Engine And not you local dealer

  1. We have a department that specializes in Powersports engines 

  2. Polaris Honda Suzuki Kawasaki Yamaha

  3. Side-By-Side SxS UTV ATV Motorcycle

  4. Our technicians have continued to build motors for 30+ years.

  5. We have done all the testing we know the the combinations that work

  6. Our machine shop is setup for Powersports engines

  7. Our Technicians build reliable daily drivers to reliable performance engines.

  8. We have great parts pricing because of bulk purchasing.

  9. Support before and after the sale

Head work polaris rzr 3G Powersports ATV UTV Motorcycle nampa caldwell boise
Side-By-Side SxS ATV engine rebuilding 3G Powersports ATV UTV Motorcycle nampa caldwell boise
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