Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning for PowerSports

  • Safe on Rubber
  • Safe on Aluminum
  • Cleans Carburetor like new performance
  • The Only Way to Remove Varnish from the Internal Small Orifice
  • Cleans All Surfaces Inside And Out
  • In Most Cases Makes the Carburetor/ Throttle Body Looking New
  • Highest quality cleaning available
  • Save money
3G Powersports Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning before

Only at 3G Powersports

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology will clean Motorcycle and ATV, and UTV Carburetors better

Motorcycle and ATV carburetors use complex, intricate constructions, and cleaning layers of dense, baked on varnish and debris will present a challenge to most mechanics using an acid bath cleaner. This requires the use of ultrasonic cleaning technology to address the cleaning of the small orifice in a carburetor.

3g Powersports commercial Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning tank
3g Powersports Ultrasonic Cleaning Carburetor

How does an ultrasonic carburetor cleaner work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a strong, accurate yet gentle cleaning method that makes practical use of a phenomenon called cavitation. The term refers to the action of bubbles in the liquid that are subjected to strong levels of pressure variation at a certain Hz range.

When large changes of pressure and vibration pass through a liquid, the condition creates tiny bubbles that rhythmically implode into extreme shockwaves.  Forces generated by this implosions can be significant enough to dislodge grease, varnish, fuel gel rust or other stubborn deposits.

The carburetors and other related engine parts on Powersports motorcycles, ATV or UTV’s are mostly mechanical devices designed to achieve precise fuel-air mixtures for their internal combustion engines. They are built of valves, chambers, floats, jets and other intricately designed components placed together in delicate balance.

When carburetor parts become plugged, varnished, greasy and coated with soot from extended use, it can result in difficult starts, poor power delivery, and fuel inefficiency, soot-filled exhaust, timing sneezes and overheating. Cleaning carburetors and other engine parts require the ability to clean all surfaces of the component thoroughly. This can be a tough, challenging endeavor.


Safe Precision Cleaning with an Ultrasonic Carburetor cleaner

The conventional way to clean carburetors is too painstakingly to disassemble the component to separate every intricate part and to scrub every nook with powerful, hazardous chemicals manually.  Not only is it very hard taking these complex components apart, but it can also be challenging putting them back together.

Commercial Ultrasonic cleaner with our proprietary aluminum cleaning solution

Before pics:
We dipped a carburetor in carb cleaner tank for 30 min this is the standard way all shops do this when cleaning carburetors. Notice all the corrosion in float bowls and body discoloration.

After pics:
We ran the same carburetor through our special ultrasonic cleaner with our proprietary aluminum cleaning solution, and you can see the difference. The ultrasonic cleaner method is the only way to clean and open all the small internal Orifices completely to make your machine run like new again.

3G Powersports ultrasonic cleaner carburetor
3G Powersports ultrasonic cleaner carburetor
3G Powersports ultrasonic cleaner carburetor
3G Powersports ultrasonic cleaner carburetor
  • Please note this is an unseen estimate for labor it may change on inspection.

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